I used to have a woman in my wardrobe (and other ways to cope with chronic depression)

From a post originally shared in 2015. When I was thirteen, I had a list of about twenty one-line ‘daily reminders’ carefully handwritten on a…

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Goodbye 2018, and hello 2019

I’m just gonna say it – I don’t believe in resolutions. Goals though? Here are 9 of them!

I'm just gonna say it - I don't believe in resolutions. Goals though? Here are 9 of them!

An interview with Quirk and Folly.

The one where I interview myself, because I want to.

My First…holiday abroad

HOLIDAY ABROAD My first holiday abroad was in 1997, when my family went to Ibiza for a week. I remember being so excited about it,…

May The Fourth Be With You

I’m a few days late to the Star Wars party, sorry about that. But let’s all pretend that it is actually Star Wars Day today,…

Story Time : Calamari

One of the foods I miss the most is calamari. My journey into the living hell of a gluten-free life started in 2012, and I’ve…

What it means to be queer

I’ve gone through many stages in my life. At times I’d have described myself as heterosexual, regarding homosexual couples with a strange judgement that probably…

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