Hello friend, and thanks for being curious enough to stop by my little blog!
I’m Caz, a 50s pin-up fashion admirer who can often be seen pottering around London talking to strangers and wearing outrageously bright clothing.
I’ve lived in East London since 2010, and it now feels very much like home.

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I have been experimenting with pin-up fashion since the end of 2015, which absolutely changed my life. I know that may sound like a strange thing to say, however I’m a lifelong sufferer of depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia disorder, and I’ve always had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with my own image. When I realised that I could buy garments that fitted my body properly, it was a complete life-changer for me – I love every item I own, and the past few years has seen my self-confidence skyrocket.

I’m a LGBTQ+ designer, feminist and writer. Most recently, I had a number of short pieces published in an anthology released in February 2017. I have an obsession with collecting magazines, and I’m currently co-creating one.

In my day job, I run a small web development team. I love the psychology of design, and making things that people really love to use. Design also spills into other areas of my life; I occasionally do freelance graphic design projects – making posters, booklets and leaflets – but I’m currently working on a range of greetings cards and posters I can sell online and at crafts markets.

Please say hello! Follow me on social media, or pop an email to hello at quirkandfolly.com for a chat.

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