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Issue 08 : 08 March 2019

Welcome to my weekly digest, covering things I’ve been reading, my favourite posts on Instagram and a few things I’ve spotted that are on my shopping list. 

I took a few days of annual leave this week and gave myself permission to log off and relax. But, thing is, I’m not very good at switching off and chilling out – my brain constantly wants to move onto the next thing, or concerns itself with the millions of things on my to do list that I haven’t got round to yet. Even though I allow myself the space to switch off, I just can’t seem to do it. And apparently it isn’t just me – lots of people are increasingly finding themselves preoccupied with the heavy load of life admin – and a strange expectation we give ourselves to be everything to everyone.

I read a really interesting article on burnout this week by a writer for Buzzfeed News. Yeah, that’s right, Buzzfeed – the factory of listicles and the fast-food of viral content. It turns out that they have a few really good writers working for them, including Anne Helen Petersen, a senior culture writer. She turned out this amazing piece all about millennial burnout – and you know what? It hit SO MANY POINTS that resonated with me, in particular some lines that I can summarise as: millennials try to be everything to everyone all the time. And it’s exhausting – which I can vouch for, as I lie in my hotel bed fretting about the pile of laundry in my bedroom and thinking about the five things I need to do when I get back to the office, and the email I’m thinking about writing to the team now to get it out of the way. It’s making me wonder if I need to reconsider what it means to be, well, me. And accept that being me isn’t magically going to make me the perfect boss, the perfect friend, the perfect homeowner – I need to train myself to be happily imperfect. Although if I could remember to take the bins out more regularly, that would be a bonus.

Anne’s article is listed below – I recommend giving it a read.

things i've read this week

Caroline Criedo-Perez : ‘The deadly truth about a world made for men – from stab vests to car crashes’

Gwilym Mumford : Maggie Gyllenhaal “There have to be consequences for disrespecting women sexually”

Alice Broster : ‘Menstrual Health & Consent Will Be Taught In Schools By 2020 & Here’s Why It’s Long Overdue’

The everyday sexism project

Alisha Ramos : ‘How This Simple Email Trick Has Helped Me Get Better At Saying No’

Hayden Vernon : ‘I tried the saving technique that promises retirement at 40’

Anne Helen Petersen : ‘How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation’

instagram posts of the week

I’ve been doing the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge on Instagram, a whole month of prompts to show off your creative small business. I’ve been crafting and arting around since I could first pick up pencils, and I’ve been posting my graphic design work over on my personal account – an account I’ve actually left unused and unloved for nearly 2 years now! I finally plucked up the courage to share some of the things I’ve been making. I’ve also been looking at lots of the other amazing work from small makers across the globe by following the hashtag (something I recently discovered you can do on Insta, who knew!) – and I thought I’d share a few of my favourite makers here.

what's on my lust list?

I’ve come across a few jewellery items that I keep circling back to, so that’s the theme for this week!

1. Pizza brooch (LITTLE MOOSE)

I know it’s controversial but I’m real fan of pineapple on a pizza, so personally I’d replace that chorizo with some fruity goodness. Still, I think this slice of perspex deliciousness is something I’d want to pin to my cardi and remind everyone that I’m a no.1 pizza fan! Includes Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle. (£34.95)

>This yummy brooch is available from Little Moose

2. Godzilla brooch (LAVIDRIOLA)

I love this limited edition piece of cinematic geekiness! This amazing brooch features Godzilla stomping through Tokyo, from the sci-fi cult classic film. Lavidriola has some incredible designs, all quirky and interesting pieces shipped from their studio in Spain. Grab yours before they all sell out! (€65)

>Get yours from Lavidriola’s online store

3. Peter Rabbit brooch from the Story Time collection (ERSTWILDER)

The latest collection from Erstwilder has lots of familiar faces, including Peter Rabbit from the Beatrix Potter books. There are plenty of other characters available, including Jemima Puddleduck and Squirrel Nutkin, but Peter Rabbit totally has my heart. (£24.95)

>For UK buyers, you can pick up pieces from the Story Time collection from brilliant online retailer Lottie&Lu

4. Mountain Pendant Necklace (LITTLE MOOSE)

There are so many designs by Little Moose that just make me laugh, or go “wow”. This one is so clever – a mountain, with little cable cars hung along the silver-plated chain. There are a couple of mountain pieces on their website, but this one is my absolute fave. So clever – and pretty reasonably priced too, I think. (£24.95)

>Pick up one of these adorable pieces by heading to the Little Moose website

5. Millennium Falcon brooch (LAVIDRIOLA)

Are you really a regular reader of my blog if you don’t like Star Wars? And is my life really complete without this Millennium Falcon brooch in my life? The answer to both of these questions is no! Glitter? Space? Sci-fi? I don’t understand how I’ve survived without one! (€29)

>This cracker of a brooch is available from Lavidriola’s website

thing of the week

I discovered a nifty website this week, FutureMe.org. It’s a very simple idea – you write an email to yourself and it gets sent to you on a date of your choosing. A nice idea if you want to send a birthday greeting to someone (although you need to be a contributing member to do this!) or remind yourself about something in the future. But the nicest thing about it is that you can write a letter to Future You filled with thoughts and ideas or dreams or proposals – anything you think that you, today, right now, thinks that you in a few years time might need to hear. I just wrote something to myself in five years’ time – just a little note to remind myself that I’m doing alright. It’ll be fascinating to look back and see how different things are – and what’s remained the same. Can’t wait.

what i am grateful for

My friends mean an awful lot to me, and I’m grateful to have people there that can dig out a meme at the perfect time.

The mornings are getting lighter and the sun isn’t going down until after 5pm. All the light, and increasingly more sun. I’m thankful because Spring is underway and the UK is warming up again – my pale skin needs its vitamin D top-up.

Instagram. I know, a weird one, but bear with me. The communities I’m part of are kind and thoughtful, and it makes my heart smile to see how many people support each other with considerately and authentically. It’s nice to be part of the internet where the trolls are a rare sight and women hold other women up. I deliberately don’t follow accounts that make me feel bad about myself or others, and I actively seek out accounts that are engaging, friendly, and without judgement. It’s nice to have a lovely bubble of positivity online.

Dungarees. Or, to be precise, Lucy & Yak original corduroy dungarees. They have been such a lifesaver for the past few weeks. I’ve put on weight – and I can partly blame my anti-depressants for this – and these corduroy dreams have been the comfort I’ve needed to tide me over whilst my clothes are a little too tight right now. Thank you Lucy & Yak for making me feel awesome when I’ve been otherwise self-conscious about my body.

that's all folks - end of the post

If you’ve got any jewellery items you’ve seen recently, throw them my way! And anyone else doing #MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram then give me a shout so I can follow you!

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