8 of my current favourite products

I thought I’d share 8 of my favourite products at the moments, some items I’ve added to my skincare and make up routine that have made a real difference.


1. Make up remover – Face Halo (£18 for 3)

Apparently makeup wipes are terrible for the environment as well as being bad for your skin. These are reuseable microfibre makeup removers; a chemical free way to removing all my makeup. Since switching to the Face Halo, not only has my acne cleared up but I’m throwing away much less waste. After four uses, two each side with a soap wash inbetween, I throw these in the washing machine and they come out like new. They remove liquid lipstick, mascara, a full face of make up. Honestly, they are worth every penny.

2. Weekly cleanser – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (£15.50)

I’m so fancy pants that I have a cleanser that has a cloth called a muslin. I know, I am the fanciest. I read rave reviews about this and wanted something that was going to help keep my sensitive skin clear. Apparently cleansing and exfoliating once a week is really useful as it renews the cells and encourages growth – which I wasn’t sure about, until I tried this. It’s amazing. The 5 star reviews aren’t lying, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and doesn’t dry it out.

3. Anti-blemish moisturiser – La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (£16)

This gel moisturiser is from the range designed to combat blemishes and it does just that. I picked it up at half price from Boots along with the cleanser and the toner when I was suffering from months of painful acne. Of those products, the only thing I’ve kept in my skincare regime is this – the toner was too drying for my skin so I’m keeping to my trusty Kiehls one, and the cleanser didn’t seem to make much of a difference. This product though? It’s amazing. I use it on the most troublesome areas on my face every evening and use Clinique Moisture Surge on the rest. My skin has never been clearer and more healthy-looking.

4. Facial spritz – B. Vitalised Vitamin Spritz (£7.99)

I bought this on a whim and honestly it is one of the best impulse purchases i’ve made. I struggle with sleeping and I read that some vitamin sprays can help keep your skin feeling fresh even when you’re feeling tired. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, or perhaps it’s the combination of caffeine, cucumber extract and vitamin C, but this really makes me feel better and my skin seems less dull after a few spritzes. A handbag must-have for an on-the-go refresh – and best of all, I can use it over makeup when I need a little oomph in the afternoon.

Make up

5. Foundation – No7 Match Made Custom Blend Foundation Drops (£16)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the cosmetic gods. The No7 foundation drops are one of the other reasons that my skin is looking so good at the moment. I’m trying to use my heavy foundations far less, opting instead to use my daily moisturiser and add a few drops on this foundation in. I tend to add 2-3 drops for a medium coverage and when my period is knocking on the door and my skin is either breaking out, patchy and dry in places, or on the verge of reacting to every single thing – I add a few drops into my E45 cream. Not only does it combat any flakiness or irritation, but the coverage is enough to hide a multitude of sins. The only drawbacks for me are that it can look quite dewy (which I’m not a huge fan of) so I tend to have to powder it down for a more matte finish, and the shade is very slightly too dark for me despite there being 25 shades to choose from. Porcelain, the lightest shade, is too pink on my skin but Calico, the warmer next-lightest shade, is slightly tan on my wintery skin. I don’t mind blending it down into my neck so it looks less obvious, but I do now add a little liquid concealer just to bring the shade up a notch. I will pray hard to the cosmetic gods for a neutral ultra light shade in the No7 range.

6. Eyeliner – Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Eyeliner (£2.99)

Is there a 50s aficionado out there who doesn’t own a decent liquid eyeliner? I used to use the Lancome Artliner, which at £23.50 a pop isn’t exactly cheap – but it glides on beautifully and always draws a reliable line with impeccable staying power. That is, until I realised that for a mere £2.99 I can get something that is pretty close in quality and is a fraction of the cost. Introducing my new favourite eyeliner: the Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner. It is dead good, and at that price I am laughing out of the shop.

7. Concealer – Soft Matte Complete Concealer (£24)

Unfortunately the NARS foundation shades don’t match my skin at all, but strangely the soft matte concealer shades do. Weird world, huh? I actually have two shades of this concealer: Light 1 and Light 2. I use 2 for a slight peachy undertone to hide those dark circles, and I use 1 to do the hard graft of covering up my blemishes and red marks. These concealers are a dream. They are high coverage, blend beautifully, and stay put. I have used the stick concealers from NARS but they often creased, whereas this stuff is what dreams are made of. A little translucent powder to set them and they stay all day.

8. Foundation – Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover (£30.90)

This company specialises in make up for film and TV, which means that you know their foundations are going to be full coverage with minimal flash back. Flashback, I was told by an enthusiastic sales assistant, is what happens when someone uses flash photography and your face appears ghostly pale because the makeup reflects the light back. As someone whose idea of a good night out is out in the living room with a packet of M&Ms and a cosy blanket, I’m not sure that was a great selling point for me. I was a bit meh about it…until I took a face of this baby for a test drive, and I can tell you – it covers EVERYTHING. It very slightly oxidises, but only a little, which meant it ended up the perfect shade for me. I’m super pale and on the neutral side of things, and the shade Light Y205 was a perfect match. It has buildable coverage, it’s lightweight, and wears well. I warm it up slightly with a little Benefit ‘Hoola Lite’ – a great bronzer for fellow pale ladies. This is what I reach for when I want my skin to look flawless.

So that’s it! 8 products I’ve been using that I really love. Do you use any of these? Would love to know how you get on with them!

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