Quirky Newsletter – #7

Issue 07 : 28 February 2019

Welcome to my weekly digest, covering things I’ve been reading, and interesting fact, my favourite posts on Instagram and a few things I’ve spotted that are on my shopping list. 

Holy wow. What on earth has happened this week? 18 degree weather? Sunshine? Londoners in t-shirts and shorts? I am shooketh. Typically this is the time of year that we experience heavy snowfall and London is full of people either celebrating their day working at home or cursing everyone else working at home as they trudge through the sludge.

I am definitely not complaining. A sad lamp (which, ironically, is supposed to help people feel happier) has been on my wish list for YEARS so my body is positively singing at the sight of blue skies as far as the eye can see.

Lucy McCormick : The clitoris is a gift, so why is there an ingrained fear of talking about it?

Sam Knight : The Psychiatrist Who Believed People Could Tell the Future

Natalie Ktena : Just what happens at a support group for compulsive eaters?

Bella Pollen : Has #MeToo changed what we wear to work?

Kathryn Lindsay : Why Emma Thompson Refused To Work For John Lasseter

Zander Nethercutt : We’re Optimizing Ourselves to Death

Brianna Wiest : You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love

The Guardian view on the hottest winter day: sunny side down

I had a bit of time at the weekend to find some new tunes and to relive some older albums, because i’m an old-woldy timey-wimey kinda gal. But also a newey-ooey kinda gal too.

Human – Dodie

What a wonderfully eerie yet enlightening album from a musician I’d never heard of before. Apparently she started out on YouTube, which (as I am a music snob) would normally put me off – but she is incredible and I have even subscribed. I know. (See her website for music videos and to buy her deliciously weird album)

Greatest Hits – Heart

You’ve never met a true 80s power ballad until you’ve met ‘Alone‘ on full blast as you warble off key in the shower. I didn’t realise just how much I loved Heart until I bought an album of their greatest hits, which has all of the hits worth listening to (bar one, the catchy song Barracuda hailing from ’77. Honestly worth listening to on YouTube). Other favourites from the album include What About Love? and All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You. Gotta love me some classic 80s rock. (Buy it and listen to it on repeat)

The unusually warm weather isn’t helping my clothing addiction. I mean, collection. I mean, well, I just want to buy all of the things okay? It really doesn’t help that the London Edge was only a short while ago and I’ve spotted so many things from various blog posts and Instagram stories that have made me salivate. Thanks no thanks to Georgia Harrup and La Petite Pinu for sharing so many pictures of upcoming collections. Goodbye money, it has been nice so briefly knowing you.

1. Orange earrings (COLLECTIF) 

Kitsch orange earrings? SIGN. ME. UP. These juicy beauties are £12.50.

> Available from Collectif’s website 

2. Aria Rose Shirt Dress (COLLECTIF)

I’ve become a bit of a sucker for yellow recently, and I have no regrets about that. I love this shade of yellow and I do love a shirt dress – especially one that is 97% cotton with a little elastane, which means it has a little give to it but isn’t the kind of polyester that would make me sweat like mad. Honestly, this has been in and out of my basket so many times I should just bite the bullet and buy it now! It’s a shame it’s so eye-wateringly expensive.  (£70)

> This shirt dress is available in sizes 6-22 from the Collectif website

3. Caterina Shirt Dress (COLLECTIF)

Oh wait, another yellow shirt dress? You bet your bottom dollar it is. I should basically rename this list “all the yellow shirt dresses” because that might be more accurate. This one is in a deeper more mustard yellow, and is in my favouritest ever cut from Collectif, the Caterina. I’m a busty hourglass and this is the first shirt dress I haven’t exploded out of. I have eight Caterinas already, but another one wouldn’t hurt, right? (£67.50)

>This beauty is available in sizes 6-22

4. Lorena Swing Dress (COLLECTIF)

I’ve never tried a Lorena, but I think I might start now. Gypsy style? Check. Ruffled hem? Check. Gloriously tropical banana-themed print? Check. Bank account? Cheque. Elasticated at the sleeves because comfort in summer is our best friend. Pair with a denim jacket and a pair of yellow flats, pop on a pair of cat-eye sunnies, and you’re ready for anything summer can throw at you! (£60)

>The Lorena dress comes in sizes 4-22

I managed to make lunch four times out of five this week for work. I wanted to make lunch more this year, and I’m managing to do it more often.

I’ve made it no secret that I have depression. I’m also on anti-depressants. This week, I had a low mood day – but I went to bed early and let myself off the hook for not getting anything done. It’s hard, but I can’t do everything and I need to keep reminding myself that taking a break is okay.

I Marie Kondo’d my bookshelf in the living room, which was kinda hard. I have so many hundreds of books now and each one holds some meaning with me, whether a memory of something I’ve done or as a reminder of things I’ve been interested in. I can look across my bookshelves and track my personal tastes changing. It’s mad that I’ve held onto so many of these for so long, and I finally thanked them for their service and let them go. I sold 35 books, many from my degree that I haven’t picked up in ten years, to WeBuyBooks, where they’ll hopefully have a second life in someone else’s home. I now just have a pile of 50 or so that I couldn’t sell online and will need to lug to the charity shop at some point.

I am grateful for the limited edition caramel crunch M&Ms. They are truly delicious. I’m so glad I’m not allergic to chocolate and I can enjoy scoffing an entire packet.

Here’s hoping the beautiful weather holds out until October, eh? Wishing you all a wonderful week, and don’t forget your factor 50!

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