Outfit of the day: the Collectif ‘Jasmine’ swing skirt in ‘Forest Friends’ print

Autumn has long gone, but this skirt is just too good to hide away for another eight months – introducing one of my wardrobe staples, the Collectif ‘Jasmine’ skirt, in the fabulous Forest Friends print.

She’s a gathered skirt with a fitted waistband that sits high on the waist. There’s a zip at the back, and my favourite addition – a hook and eye to keep that zip secure. I want hooks on all my skirts now! She takes my Malco Modes petticoat perfectly and I’m sure I could add an even more voluminous petticoat underneath and it would still look fabulous – unlike a couple of other Jasmines I have, which struggle to take any more than a medium ploof petticoat. Yes, ploof is a word I just made up.

More importantly than my butchering of the English language – and you might want to sit down for this – SHE HAS POCKETS. YES. I KNOW.

collectif jasmine skirt and yellow chrissie top
Top: Collectif
Skirt: Jasmine skirt in ‘Forest Friends’ from Collectif
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Shoes: New Look (wide fit)

In terms of sizing, I opted for a size 12. My waist varies at the moment between 29″ (a good day) and 31″ (an even better day as I’ve probably eaten all the chocolate in the known universe) so this seemed to be the perfect fit, and it’s spot on for me with just a little wriggle room. It’s cotton but with 3% spandex, so it’s got a little give in it too. It successfully saw me through brunch, three coffees, dough balls, a pizza AND most of a packet of M&Ms and didn’t remotely feel uncomfortable. I would give it two thumbs up but right now I am in a food coma and I don’t want to move.

Last I checked, there were still a couple available from the Collectif site, although if not, don’t fear! There are a few buy and swap groups on Facebook where you might be able to pick one up. Check out this post to find them.

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