Outfit of the day: An autumnal mainstream look

As seen on an unusually mild day in December

Earrings: large rose gold hoops from Asos (old season)
Shoes: wide-fit ‘Daisy’ trainers from Asos
Top: burgundy top from New Look’s Tall collection
Dungarees: Lucy and Yak original corduroy in Tall, 32″

I can’t express in words how much i love my Lucy and Yak dungarees, and how many more pairs I want. They are the perfect combination of comfort and style, and I am forever being asked where I got them from. They’re great lounging attire, but sometimes I like to style them up and see what happens. Today I thought I’d try something a little less vintage-inspired than normal, and dressed them down with a pair of trainers and a slightly baggy top. I really like this look and I’ll definitely try it again – although it still does feel quite strange leaving the house not wearing a petticoat. 50s friends, you get me?

I keep my tops in place underneath my layers by tucking them into my undies. I don’t know if this is something everyone does, but I can’t stand the feel of a tee rolling up under my clothes. Problem is, lots of tops are quite short on me as I am ‘blessed’ with a long torso, so I tend to try and buy from the high street Tall ranges so I can be sure it’ll be just long enough to tuck in. I sized up in this button-front ribbed top from New Look, and I am really glad i did – I like the way it doesn’t cling or pull across my chest. The colour is super autumnal and I’ve been pairing it with some of my gathered skirts when I want a more casual look.

The shoes were a real find. I’ve often wanted something that isn’t ballet flats but isn’t bulky on my feet, something I can wear when it’s a bit damp outside. Boy am I glad to have discovered the Asos wide fit range. I have a little fused bone on the side of my foot so it makes my feet really wide, but lengthways I’m about a UK 6.5 which makes it a proper nightmare to buy shoes. I have some gorgeous suede ballet flats from New Look which are wide fit in a size 6, but I also have a number of shoes from Lulu Hun in a size 8 as they are a little narrow for me. So sizing is all over the place. These trainers though are the PERFECT fit. And I love the leopard print too – a great alternative to flats or boots, and I’m sure they’ll get a ton of wear over the next few months as I get brave enough to wear them with my 50s skirts and dresses.

black dungarees, a red long sleeved top and leopard print trainers, standing in front of a wall

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