Online communities you might not know about: Facebook edition

For anyone friends with me online, you’ll know that I’m not a massive Facebook user – although I do use it for two things: messaging, and groups. I never used to be a fan of groups but as my journey into the world of vintage fashion has progressed, I’ve often found them helpful – whether sniffing out a bargain, or tips and tricks on sleeping in rollers, there’s a big community of people out there who are ready and willing to offer support and advice.

I thought I’d collect together a few Facebook communities I’ve found helpful, and hopefully you will too!

For vintage-inspired styling, hair and beauty:

Vintage Updos For Modern Girls:

The place to go for help with your hair, tips and tricks, ‘argh my set came out awful’ or to just share a fabulous hairdo.

Vintage Makeup For Modern Girls:

All things vintage makeup and skincare.

For vintage-inspired fashion:

What Katie Did:

Stockings advice? Not sure what the fit of a waspie or corset is like? Questions about wear, upcoming launches, or events? Maybe just want to share a photo of you in your fabulous What Katie Did vintage undergarments? You need to join this group!

Yesterday’s Gals:

A friendly, positive group for asking and sharing all things vintage fashion and styling, from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Vintage Styling For Modern Girls:

Everything you need to ask and share about dressing vintage in a modern world.

Brand-specific swap and sell groups:

Collectif Clothing Buy Swap and Sell:

Find that unicorn item you’ve always wanted, or shed some of your wardrobe – maybe ask sizing advice. This is the place for all your Collectif needs.

Pinup Girl Clothing Buy Swap and Sell (EU):

We all know that PUG is a staple in many womens’ 50s wardrobe. It’s tricky to get in the UK, so this has been a great place to find some really great pieces without the stomach-flipping customs fees.

Not strictly vintage, but a great group for colour and novelty items for the kitschy vintage lover!

In Colourful Company:

There’s a lot of colour in the world of vintage, especially the 50s to 70s, and it’s a great place to find some modern items with a vintage-inspired look! I love to pick up novelty earrings and bags, and I’ve found a few fabulous indie brands through this group.

Happy Facebooking!

Do you have a group, or are a member of any groups that I’m missing? Let me know and I’ll update the list!

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